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2-Day Course – This course will focus primarily on leverage-based active countermeasures and self-defense by means of hard empty hand techniques.

About the Event

Officers need less lethal, empty hand, options when confronted by violent subjects at close range.  These reality based survival techniques were specifically developed with that purpose in mind.  This course will focus primarily on leverage based active countermeasures and self-defense by means of hard empty hand techniques. The purpose of this course material is meant to subdue extremely combative subjects when other options would not be practical.

Topics covered will include empty hand strikes using hands, elbows, knees, and feet, takedowns, weapon retention, and survival mindset. Students should be prepared for a wide range of sustained, moderate to high intensity, physical activity throughout the course. Upon completion of this course officers will be capable of appropriately reacting to assaultive subjects at extreme close quarters. Officers will achieve an increased confidence to react reasonably and effectively while under these circumstances.

Course objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Develop skills in utilizing the elements of range angle and level while under a sudden assault
  • Learn gross motor techniques to avoid being knocked out by an attacker
  • Manage breathing and energy output under physical stress
  • Improve speed, agility, and power generation
  • Appropriately react to an assaultive subject at close quarters
  • Enhance subject compliance with the use of verbale de-escalation and soft-empty hand techniques​

This course contains a robust curriculum that has been developed using proven concepts and techniques of the “sweet science” combined with reality based modern martial arts.  The course material has been tailored specifically for law enforcement, security, corrections, and similar organizations.


  • BDU style pants
  • Duty belt/duty vest
  • Training weapon
  • Mouth guard

Please email stormtraininggroup@gmail.com.

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