De-Escalation Instructor Course

This course is approved for 7 Minnesota POST credits, and covers the MN POST Mandatory Learning Objective “Conflict Management and Mediation.”

In today’s societal landscape, the imperative for law enforcement to embody de-escalation techniques is undeniable. To infuse these techniques into police culture demands a concerted effort involving time, policy evolution, effective leadership, and, significantly, comprehensive training. This specialized course centers on fostering a profound understanding of de-escalation and crisis management, tailored for police officers. It equips trainers with an arsenal of tools and strategies designed to mitigate the intensity of potentially volatile encounters, enhance decision making, fortify community rapport and trust, refine communication abilities, and drive increased compliance.

Course Goals: Upon the successful completion of this course, officers will possess the ability to discern and evaluate crisis situations, wield diverse persuasive strategies for de-escalation, prioritize personal well-being and team cohesion, and adeptly guide situations away from turmoil toward rapport and voluntary cooperation.

This course will empower the student to feel prepared to bring these techniques and strategies back to their agency.


  • Current Chief of Le Seuer Police Department
  • Years of LE: 21+ (Minnesota State Patrol)
  • POST Board member (CIC Committee, Rules Committee, Pursuit committee) 2020-
  • Academy Staff Officer
  • Instructor Implicit Bias – State Patrol
  • Instructor 3C (Conflict Management/Crisis Intervention/Cultural Diversity)
  • Command and Control, Critical Incident management training
  • Field Training Officer Metro Area and Mankato proper, 2007-2017
  • Member of the South-Central Minnesota Crisis Intervention Team (Assisted fellow Troopers/Police/Fire/EMS with critical incident stress debriefing), 2015-2017
  • Fluency in Spanish- written and spoken. Assisted partners in the field, during investigations, proficiency check for academy candidates.
  • 21 years of Patrol experience, Metro/Mankato/4700 districts



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Are you ready to train with an elite team of experts and improve all aspects of your critical response and action?