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STORM Training Group provides law enforcement agencies the most up-to-date, evidence-based training tools and techniques for high-pressure, high-risk and rapidly evolving situations. Our courses are tailored to account for the real-life fluidity of critical incidents, without predetermined outcomes to allow for the broadest range of rapid situational analysis and intelligent response.

Foundation Instructor Trainer®

This course is designed for new and existing use of force instructors. Attending officers will be certified in our revolutionary soft empty hand…

In-Service Training

STORM Training Group offers regular or one-time custom in-service training for interested agencies…

Command and Control 101

The objective of this course is to train patrol sergeants and aspiring patrol sergeants on the skills and techniques needed for successful active…

Vehicle Extractions

Learn to safely remove resisting subjects from vehicles in emergency situations.

De-Escalation Instructor Course

In this one-day course, students will learn to evaluate crises situations, utilize numerous strategies for de-escalation, guide situations away from conflict and toward voluntary cooperation, as well as becoming prepared to bring these techniques and strategies back to their agency.

Scenario Based Training Instructor

Scenario Based Training (SBT) is widely relied upon by agencies to train their officers in critical skills while enhancing their decision-making…

Warrant Writing Basics

This one-day course is tailored for patrol officers and investigators with a desire to improve their knowledge base and skillset on the…

Red Dot Sight Instructor

This instructor level course will provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the MRDS system, associated…

Team Arrest and Control

This course will teach specific, easy-to-learn methods for two or more officers to safely control fully assaultive suspects.

Firearms Instructor Course – Pistol Only

Students will learn the fundamentals of firearms instruction. This course will provide the most effective techniques for handgun and…

Female Arrest and Control

This course teaches officers proven skills for overcoming size and/or strength differences through the use of simple, easy to learn techniques.

Ground Control Tactics Instructor

The focus of this course is on active countermeasures gained through a functional understanding of timing, leverage, and distance management.


This training encourages a culture of help-seeking behaviors and provides customized tools for officers to take wellness into their own hands.

Report Writing for Law Enforcement

This course is designed specifically for law enforcement and security professionals who seek improved report writing skills.

Building Clearing Tactics Instructor

This course is designed for patrol officers to improve their basic tactical movement skills when clearing buildings and other structures.

Dynamic Encounters

This course will focus primarily on leverage-based active countermeasures and self-defense by means of hard empty hand techniques.

Trauma Med

This course was developed by current Army Special Forces medics (Green Berets), experienced career paramedics working in high trauma call volume areas, and LEO’s working in special operations.

Constitutional Policing

Constitutional Policing for patrol operations: an exploration of the 4th and 5th amendments as they apply to the patrol officer.


The goal of this course is to enable an officer to effectively perform in the role of a sniper in a law enforcement special operations unit by…

Tactical Team Concepts

This instructor-level course will focus on arrest and control techniques specific to S.W.A.T. and tactical team applications.

3-day Rifle Instructor Course

During this 3-day course, students will learn the fundamentals of rifle instruction.

Investigations 101

Designed for the new or aspiring investigator, this course covers many modern and up to date methods of criminal investigations.

Drone Operations For First Responders

This introductory drone course will assist your drone team in establishing a program from the ground up or improve your existing program.

Throwbot Operator Course

Hit the ground rolling with a firm understanding of tactics, techniques and procedures for the maintenance, management, and implementation of this valuable technology.

Counter the Threat (CTT)

Learn physical skills and concepts to counter a life-threatening situation and stop the violence.

Active Survival Instructor Course

Lockdown International will travel to your location and hold an ABC’S Active Survival Instructor Course to your audience.


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Are you ready to train with an elite team of experts and improve all aspects of your critical response and action?

Are you ready to train with an elite team of experts and improve all aspects of your critical response and action?