Investigations 101

This course has been designed for the law enforcement officer who is new to an Investigations Unit within the first 2 years, or an officer who is considering applying for an Investigations position within a department.  This training will cover a variety of topics such as; getting organized, information-gathering websites that investigators rely on, drafting search warrants & analyzing search warrant responses, search & seizure, types of investigation strategies and interview techniques.

This course will utilize actual case studies in the areas of: Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), criminal sexual conduct, child abuse, death scenes and fraud investigations.  Attendees of this course will be provided with a list of websites, search warrant boilerplate language (ie., cell phone, social media, CSAM, financial institution templates, etc.), and a checklist of mandatory questions specific to various criminal offenses.

Corey Schneck – Detective, Shakopee Police Department

Detective Schneck attended Minnesota State University – Mankato and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Open Studies; Aviation) in 1996. He began his aviation career as a flight instructor and also flew as a corporate pilot. As a commercial pilot, Detective Schneck flew aircraft including the Boeing 727-200, MD-80 & 90 and Beechcraft 1900 C & D, for various airlines. September 11, 2001, forced many pilots out of the airline industry and into new professions.  Detective Schneck went back to school for law enforcement by attending Metropolitan State University in 2002, which was in conjunction with the St. Paul Police Academy.

Hired by the Shakopee Police Department in 2003, Detective Schneck has worked assignments including Patrol, Field Training Officer, and began in the Investigations Unit in 2007. Det. Schneck earned a master’s degree in 2015 at Concordia University in Forensic Mental Health. As a Detective, Corey has received extensive training and experience in the areas of; crime scene processing, Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), online exploitation of children, criminal sexual conduct, death scenes, intermediate computer forensics and interview & interrogation. Det. Schneck has been an instructor in the skills program at Rasmussen University since 2010 and has held positions such as Lead Instructor and Assistant Lead Instructor, as well as Online Instructor.



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Are you ready to train with an elite team of experts and improve all aspects of your critical response and action?